Pre Departure Information - Student Agreement

(Terms & Conditions)


Dear Student


Please read the following information. If you have an questions or are unsure of any information please reply to



If you have booked a Driver, you need to contact the Driver if you are delayed. The Driver's number is written on your Homestay profile. The Driver will be waiting for your with a sign showing your name. Please, do not bring any food to Australia. If you do, you will be delayed at Customs and they will take the food from you.



Your Host has an Email Address. You can contact them directly before you arrive in Australia if you have any questions for them about their Home. You can ask them for their Skype Address if they have one or pictures of their home where you will be staying.

Host families live in suburbs not usually in the inner city so travel from Homestay to school is from 30 minutes to 1 hour.


Your Host will give you directions to your school via public transport.

Your Host will ensure that you understand which is the best way to travel to your school. They will assist you on your first day travelling to and from school.



You First invoice is for 4 weeks (28 days)
You will be sent another  invoice (after you have arrived) asking you for payment for the next 4 week period. 
This will happen until you advise your Host that you wish to leave.

When you tell your Host that you are leaving, tell them 2 weeks before you leave.
Homestay Australia will send your invoices to you by email. You do not make direct payments to your Host  - you always pay Homestay Australia.



If you are away for more than one week from your Homestay and wish to keep your room, the rate is $185.00 per week.



A Host will provide you with a single room (unless agreed prior to arrival for a twin shared room); Furnished with wardrobe hanging space, a chest of drawers, a desk and a single or double bed. Access to laundry facilities in the home. The Homestay fee also covers all costs for electricity, gas and water. 



No Meals are provided.

Your Host will advise you on where you can buy your groceries after you have arrived.



All students are expected to iron their own clothes and do their own washing.



You have your own toothpaste, soap and shampoo.  



You keep your own room tidy. 



All Homestay Homes are non-smoking.



You must have your own mobile phone.



All hosts are required to provide internet access. The Cost is $40.00 per month.

This is an additional charge to the Homestay weekly charge.

The internet connection is what is provided, not a computer.

Each student must have their own laptop.

The Internet use is for Email correspondence with family, friends and study purposes only. 

Downloading of Music and Movies, playing Internet Games or Chat rooms are considered excessive use of the internet and are not allowed when using the internet connection provided by the host.



Please ensure that your showers are no longer than 15 minutes.



Do not leave your Laptop on your Bed.

Do not use power boards greater than 2 sockets (10 amp per outlet)

Do not leave your desk lamp on all night.

Do not use a fan heater in your bedrooms. Use an oil heater which must not be covered  and used to dry clothes.

Turn off your monitor from the wall switch at the end of the day

Never leave the kitchen while you are preparing your food.



Hosts are required to have Public Liability Insurance and Contents Insurance Cover for their home and are required to advise their Insurer that they have an International student residing in their home. Homestay Australia does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility for any damages or loss of income incurred by the Homestay Host or the Student residing in a Homestay.



Good manners are the same as anywhere.

Women and men are equal.

Homestays are not Servants.

Knock on the door before you enter the bathroom, toilet and bedrooms.

Do not enter the bedrooms of other members of the Host Family nor other student‘s rooms. 

Always treat your Host family the way you would like to be treated.

Do not spend too long in the shower. When finished in the bathroom or another room always clean up after yourself.

If you are ever cold in your Homestay at night tell your Host. They will provide you with more blankets.



No liability will be accepted for any injury to any person. No liability will be accepted for any damage, loss, theft or disappearance of any property belonging to anyone. No liability will be accepted for any illegal or criminal activity by any persons. Responsibility must be taken by all parties for their own safety and the safety of their belongings. Total responsibility rests upon all parties to have appropriate Insurance for all aspects.