Homestay Travel Terms & Conditions for All Hosts


If you have an questions please email



Hosts provide a clean, tidy, comfortable, SAFE and Secure home.



The Host resides in the same dwelling as the Guest to be registered as an Accommodation Provider.



Each Guest to have their own room - bed, wardrobe and bed.

If a Shared room no more than 2 persons per room.

The Guest are to be given a key to the Home or arrangements made so that the Guest can gain access to the home at any time;

There must be heating in winter and some means of cooling in summer;

There must be access to kitchen and laundry facilities and use of shared living areas of home;

The Accommodation Fee will also covers all costs for electricity, gas and water.

Rooms do not need to be lockable. The Accommodation is a Matter of Trust.



All Homestay payments are made by Accommodation AUS Pty Ltd to the Host. The Guest does not pay the Host Directly.


All bookings are a minimum of 2 Nights.

Homestay Travel does not require a Guest to sign a Contract nor pay a Bond for their accommodation.

All questions of payment should be referred to



If you have an issue regarding your Guest ;

   Call 0400 468 658



Our staff are available 24/7 for any issues. All contact is confidential.


AFTER HOURS EMERGENCIES (After 5.00pm Weekdays or at Weekends)

If your Guest requires Medical attention urgently call 000 and ask for an Ambulance.

Once the Ambulance has arrived ask the Ambulance Officer which Hospital the Guest is being taken to then call our office immediately and advise us of this information.

0400 468 658.



Homestay Travel will receive from you your Application information.

This information (once we have placed a Guest with you) is sent to the Guest only.

This information must be accurate at the time of sending.



Guests can have access to all the Kitchen facilities but must remain in the kitchen at all times while they are cooking.

Upon their arrival take your Guest to the local supermarket and show them where they can buy their groceries.



All Guests are expected to iron their own clothes and do their own washing. You need to show your Guest how to use the Washing machine.



Guests supply their own toothpaste and shampoo. The Host will supply toilet paper. 



There must be access to a shared bathroom, with reasonable time allowed for showers (15 minutes);



Guests are expected to clean their own room and to keep it tidy. When Guests use such areas as the kitchen and bathroom, they must leave them as they find it.



All Homestay homes are non-smoking



All Guest rooms must have Smoke Detectors



Guests have no access to the Home phone. Guests must have their own Mobile phone.



Hosts are required to provide internet access. The Cost is $5.00 per day. This is an additional charge to the Accommodation charge. The Internet connection is what is provided, not a computer. Each Guest must have their own laptop.

The Internet use is for email correspondence with family, friends and study purposes only.

Downloading of Music and Movies, playing Internet Games or Chat rooms are considered excessive use of the internet and are not allowed.

If a Guest decides to create their own connection then they are free to do so at their own expense.



Hosts are expected to provide adequate heating and cooling in your bedroom.



Recognising the importance of Child Protection, Homestay Hosts ensure that all adult individuals over 18 years residing in any Homestay Premises will have a Working With Children Check;



Homestay Accommodation is visited by Homestay Travel every 6 months to ensure that our standards are being met.



    Hosts are not to take an responsibility for transferring Guests - to and from airports, excursions etc. as there is no insurance cover.



Hosts are requested to have a Fire Blanket and a Fire Extinguisher in their kitchen; know how to use both items and have shown their Guest how to use them as well.



Hosts are to request their Guest to :

Not to use power boards greater than 2 sockets (10 amp per outlet)

Not to leave your desk lamp on all night.

Not to have a fan heater in their bedroom.

Ensure your Guest has turned off their monitor from the wall switch at the end of the day

Ensure that your Guest is only allowed to use the Toaster, Kettle and Microwave to make their breakfast and lunch. Ensure your Guest never leaves the kitchen while they are preparing food.



Homestay Travel Pty Ltd will not accept any liability for any injury to any person. No liability will be accepted for any damage, loss, theft or disappearance of any property belonging to anyone. No liability will be accepted for any illegal or criminal activity by any persons. Responsibility must be taken by all parties for their own safety and the safety of their belongings. Total responsibility rests upon all parties to have appropriate Insurance for all aspects.