Application Procedures 



1.      Complete the Application Form. 


2.      When we receive the Application form, an Invoice is emailed to you. The Invoice will be for the Accommodation period you have booked, Bank Charges and Airport Transfer if requested. Payment is required within 7 days of the Invoice date.


3.      The Homestay is arranged and the Homestay Profile is sent to you. Depending upon the Arrival date the Homestay Profile can be issued within 12 hours. If there are any questions or concerns regarding the Homestay Profile, or you wish to change the Homestay profile, please advise by email to ;


      4     Once you have accepted the Homestay Profile, Homestay Travel needs to be advised of the arrival details whether this service is requested or not. The Homestay Host

             needs to be advised of the arrival date and time. 


5.     If you are already in Australia, Homestay Travel will provide a Homestay profile and arrange for you to meet with the Host prior to moving into the home.


 Homestay Travel